Made for human and planet ♥

It is important to me that this site has as little negative impact on my environment as possible, meaning it should be energy efficient, accessible and safe.

The website is planet-friendly.

The internet is a great thing. It is also the biggest machine on earth, and it runs mostly on coal, which is bad news for our climate.
While we might not be able to stop using the web, we can change how we build and power it, to make it planet friendly as well as user-friendly.
Source: planet friendly web guide

The more energy a website needs, the more CO2 it emits. And that is what you have to minimise.

We have three main kinds of factors that affect how much CO2 is emitted at this point, ordered by how much control we typically have over them:

  • how clean is the energy powering the infrastructure we send our data over?
  • how much energy did it take to send that data?
  • how much data did we send?
    Source: planet friendly web guide

What makes this page planet-friendly:

This website is accessible.

Providing access to information for all human beings is a human right, which is why I have set great store on this site to use technical and content standards so that as many as possible can use them.

This website is safe.

The transmission of this website is continuously encrypted, so it is only accessible via https. Furthermore, I do not use external analysis software such as Google Analytics or Piwik.