About me

I am Niklas Jordan, a German-speaking European 🇪🇺. I was a web developer, marketing specialist, product manager and now work as a user experience architect and technology explainer in a digital agency. I deliver superior digital products, services & experiences for organisations with cause. Sustainable, accessible and user-friendly.

I am also a volunteer and help various organisations with digitisation and open science/data stuff. And also organise various meetings and conferences.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email.

My Manifesto ♥

Honest, sustainable, and accessible technology is essential to me. I believe the web should be owned and controlled by the people who use it, and we who create technology should do so ethically and responsibly.

Experienced with

The volunteer work is also a big part of my life:

If you want to get in touch, send me an email.