Niklas Jordan | UX Architect

Talk "Why our web needs to become more sustainable and how we do it!"

On Earth, there are many problems that need to be resolved for our and future generations: global warming and global hunger are just a few.

In our private life, many of us are already dealing extensively with sustainability and the responsible use of resources. We make sure that our chocolate is FairTrade, that our apple comes from the farmer in the region or that the meat comes from responsible livestock farming.

But who knows that more than 80 kilograms of nature is needed for a modern smartphone? And how many of you who are actively shaping the web are also doing it to make it more sustainable? Or did you know that Internet-induced CO2 emissions have exceeded the aviation industry?

In my presentation, I would like to show you how you can also pay attention to the responsible use of resources in everyday professional life, for example when designing, developing, designing or managing a website. I also want to answer the questions about how you can help to make the web more sustainable and what are the requirements of modern websites and apps so that they do not harm our environment.

The target group are designers, project managers, developers, bloggers and everyone who designs the web in equal measure.

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