Niklas Jordan | UX Architect


I love to stand in front of people and share my knowledge with them, and to inspire them with topics that inspire me. I speak at conferences, barcamps, but also at corporate events or internal workshops.

Should I speak at your event? Great, let’s chat.

On my talk on Drupal Camp 2017 (Photo by Sebastian Hacker) On my talk on Drupal Camp 2017 (Photo by Sebastian Hacker/Flicker)

Talk: Sustainable Web

My favorite subject, which I like to talk about a lot, is what effects digital products have on our environment and how we design and implement them sustainably.

More about my Talk “Why our web needs to become more sustainable and how we do it!” (incl. slides and ressources)

Talk: Responsible Design

Another topic that is close to my heart is the responsibility of us, the people who make the web. Because we have a responsibility for our users so that we do not waste their time, protect your data, do not exclude or discriminate.

More information about this talk will follow shortly.