Niklas Jordan | UX Architect

Projects & Clients

I help good organizations create products and services that people need (and love), products that have a good impact on their mission and the world. I do this through smart research, experience, and psychology.

Part of my job is doing things like:

  • Leading discovery workshops to understand what we’re building and who we’re helping
  • Defining interactions and flows
  • Helping great people make them products more sustainable
  • Explaining the impact of digital products on our environment
  • Learning from people by testing and iterating
  • Optimize digital services and products so users can easily understand and love them

Some projects

Screenshot of my App for the SPD

App for grassroot activism

We developed an app which helps to involve the party base actively and unconditionally in the election campaign work. Through the app, it is possible that anyone who is active at any time and in any place can make an active campaign for the SPD.

Screenshot of

Design for good magazine

DesignForGood.Tech is an Online Magazine that curating the best designs of nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations from around the world.

Some clients

Here are some selected organisations I had the pleasure working with: Flüchtlingsrat Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/PRO ASYL (National Refugee initiative), Hamburger Fernhochschule (Non-profit university), Flüchtlingshilfe Schwerin (Local Refugee initiative), WIR. Erfolg braucht Vielfalt. (Initiative for civil courage and democratic engagement), Sea Shepherd (International Marine Wildlife Conservation Organization) and Laut gegen Rechts (Event series against racism).

I’ve also worked for a few named companys like Vodafone, Cinestar, Pohl Boskamp, 7S Group (Manpower), Abbvie, Carlsberg, Conergy and ColorLine.