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Following months of tests and careful evaluation, the first data on air pollutants from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite have been released. These first maps show a range of trace gases that affect air quality such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.Copernicus Sentinel-5P releases first data esa.

The Tarot Cards of Tech are a set of provocations designed to help creators more fully coonsider the impact of technology.The Tarot Cards of Tech Artefact Group.

Faster loading pages aren’t just good for people, they’re good for the planet too. The faster a page loads, the less energy it uses. While loading a single page may not seem like a big deal, when you consider that over half the world’s population is online and there are nearly 2 billion websites on the internet, the numbers really start to add up. Plus, very little of the internet is powered by renewable energy, so it is, in effect, the world’s largest coal-powered machine. Faster load times mean less CO2 emissions.Use a Page Weight Budget to Speed Up Your Website Tim Frick from Mightybytes.