Niklas Jordan | UX Architect

About me

Hi, I’m Niklas and I live in the Northern Germany. Thanks for visiting my site.

Me during a consultation. That’s me ;-) (Photo by Tobias Kruse/Ostkreuz)

What I believe in:

Focus on user
Get to know our users and understand their needs through smart research is the key of all great products. Only if you listen carefully and develop credible, relevant products that are fun, you reach your goals.

Today’s web pages leading slow load times, frustrated users, and a lot of wasted energy. I build more efficient and less energy demanding websites that eliminate the environmental and unsocial impacts of its development.

Do good
My focus is on building digital products for organisations and companies that do good stuff – solving environmental and social problems.


I worked for diffrent digital agencies in diffrent roles:

  • Since 2013: UX Architect
  • 2009 - 2013: Frontend Developer
  • 2008 - 2009: UI Designer

The volunteer work is also a big part of my life:

  • I’ve build a grassroot campaining app for the Social Democrats Party in Germany to start smart events
  • I’ve manage the volunteer experience of Sea Shepherd Germany
  • I’ve strategize the digital communication for diffrent refugee organisations
  • I’ve create campaigns for diffrent environmental organisations

More about my work and projects.