About me

Ahoy! My name is Niklas. I am a German UX guy and I fight for a more sustainable and humane web. Nice to meet you!

On my talk on Drupal Camp 2017
On my talk on Drupal Camp 2017 – Photo by Sebastian Hacker

What I believe in:

Focus on user
Get to know our users and understand their needs through smart research is the key of all great products. Only if you listen carefully and develop credible, relevant products that are fun, you reach your goals.

Today’s web pages leading slow load times, frustrated users, and a lot of wasted energy. I build more efficient and less energy demanding websites that eliminate the environmental and unsocial impacts of its development.

Do good
My focus is on building digital products for organisations and companies that do good stuff – solving environmental and social problems.


I worked for diffrent digital agencies in diffrent roles:

The volunteer work is also a big part of my life:


I love to stand in front of people and share my knowledge with them, and to inspire them with topics that inspire me. I speak at conferences, barcamps, but also at corporate events or internal workshops.

One of my favorite subject, which I like to talk about a lot, is what effects digital products have on our environment and how we design and implement them sustainably. Another topic that is close to my heart is the responsibility of us, the people who make the web. Because we have a responsibility for our users so that we do not waste their time, protect your data, do not exclude or discriminate.

What people says...

Impression of my talk from twitter
Impression of my talk from twitter by @tstoeckler
Impression of my talk from twitter
Impression of my talk from twitter by @rokr

Should I speak at your event? Great, let's chat.