Niklas Jordan | UX Architect

I deliver superior digital products, services & experiences for organisations with cause. Sustainable and user-friendly.

I live in Schwerin, Northern Germany. It's pretty nice here; I think you'd like it.

I'm in it for good: My focus is on delivering projects for organizations or companies that strive to do good work. Green, animals, education, humanitarian, social, or ethical.

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What I do

I help good organizations create products and services that people need (and love), products that have a good impact on their mission and the world. I do this through smart research, experience, and psychology.

Stuff, I've work on:

  • I build an app concept for a German party which helps to involve the party base actively and unconditionally in the election campaign work.
  • I've found a plattform that curating the best design of nonprofit and purpose-driven organizations from around the world.

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